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Mar. 3rd, 2006







... my dad is just severly hooked up in all the wrong places haha. but don't delete the other new one... never know if i'll need a change in the future ;) haha i'll update later


Today we commemorate what would be James Dean’s 75th
birthday. Although his tragic death at age 24 limited his career to only three
major films, he is remembered as one of the greatest actors of all time.

James Dean was born on Feb. 8, 1931. Although he spent part of his
childhood in California, most of his upbringing took place in Fairmount,
Indiana, where he discovered his passion for theatre and acting. He starred in
several of his high school’s productions. After graduating, he left the Midwest
for the sunny skies and awaiting success in California.

Dean started out
with television and theatre work before he moved to film. Through three
astounding performances in “East of Eden,” “Rebel Without a Cause” and “Giant,”
he found great success and was an inspiration to the restless American youth of
the 1950s. These films earned him two Academy Award nominations during his short
tenure in Hollywood. Unfortunately, his life and career were cut tragically
short when he was killed in a car accident in 1955.

James Dean remains
more popular than ever today. His many fans continue to honor his life and
career. On February 8, his 75th birthday, we celebrate his legacy.

comin' quicker than fedex





yeah, this was all at work. well. i snuck out because dr. serden has a thing about 'fraternizing' with the celeb patients so whatever! FUCK HIM!

soooo their autographs. and gavin wrote gabriella love gavin rossdale! lol i was dying. goooooooood times! - WHATEVER. i got a fuckin kick out of it.

i'll update later about... um stuff?
1. Thank the person that tagged you.
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thanks liza.

1. i can put my feet behind my neck HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEIL! haha
2. i'm trying to plan a reunion for my elemetary school (CLASS OF 'o1 BAYBEE)
3. BODY MODDDDDDDDD ♥ can't wait till i'm legal - [really into the thought of suspension and i want a {traditional) tapped tattoo]
4. my shoulder blades can pop out from underneath my arms
5. i can wrap my fingers around themselves

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alright, so i admit it. i've been neglecting my journal. but its not like i don't have a reason!!! well- i got back from boston three (?) fridays ago and since then i've been pretty damn busy. i work at a obgyn office in the towers at cedars sinai. the job pays well, but is it hard on the body or what?! i'm on my feet all day long bending and standing up and reaching and bending, etc. other than that nothing is really going on in my life. i had a pretty good time in boston and went snowboarding for the first time ever. it was actually pretty awesome even though i fell so many times it was more like snow-balling. but minor details. so anyways, i hope all of you guys are having a great '06 so far. PEACE

is your pet a peeing machine?

okay, so since my last post i got my helix & i love love loveeeeee it. some problems sleeping because its on my normal sleeping time, but i've gotten over that thanks to the help of my fantastic boyfriend (: got some cool shit for the holidays including a coffin case purse and a new pair of eyelets. anyhooo... i'm leaving for boston tomorrow night. worried about the flight but yeah. redeye flight. leaving the house around 7? maybe i'll get to use the computers there. thatd be nice. well, i have to go for now but maybe i'll update tomorrow. meh. PEACE

Happy Holidays

lots of love
oh shit, i'm so happy. like yeah, i haven't had good grades like this in a while... even, though they aren't fantastic, im pretty fucking happy w/ my 3.0. it really has been a while. anyways, to congratulate me my dad is letting me get my ear (cartilage) pierced this weekend so i'm even more psyched. and then yeah i'm also going to get a new pair of earrings - still 6s unfortunately =0\ - but hey! he's actually letting me get another piercing which i'm really psyched about. any freaking ways tommorows the last day of school which bums me out major league, but i'm going to spend the day with the love of my life... and mhmmm. and this weekend i went to amoeba... very good: bauhaus-gotham, the darkest millenium mix of industrial/goth/synth pop, the birthday massacre-violet, avenged sevenfold-city of evil, and aiden-nightmare anatomy. seein a7x feb 17! gotta run - peace!
last night =) my baby came over sooooo nice, even though we had to do chem. ICK. oh yeah! this morning, i think i saw criss angel... you know, criss angel! and even if it wasn't him it made my day haha. dude got into a fine ass ferrari!!! finals this week... wish me luck, i'm going to need it. today we went to the zoo. i was flipping out because, well i LOVE lions and when we went to the lion enclosure (reviewing carnivora), the lions were making such a great comotion. it was awesome - yes, i know that sounds terribly geeky - but it really was. they were so fucking loud and just very WOW. anyways, major chem test tomorrow... even though final is friday which means i should be studying. peace