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it's too late in the day...

schools almost over for our 2.5 month winter break. that sucks. i know its going to be really hard for me. leaving neil and my friends for that long is going to be fucking depressing as hell. and i'm not going to florida like i usually do. my grandpa isn't doing to great, so he and my grandma aren't 'migrating' south for the winter. this means that i will be going to boston for a few weeks? a little after school gets out- dec25th i think. yeah.. christmas. it sucks pretty bad actually. especially because i was starting to think about spending christmas with neil. but i'm not worried about that... there will be many more christmas' i'll get to spend with my baby.

winter ball (formal) was last saturday and i got all dressed up and what not
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please ignore the ridiculous that is me haha

i really hope that everyone is good, and that things are going well for you guys


911? Hey- How Are Ya?

well, it's been a while no hasn't it. doesn't fucking matter though so its all good. really short week. sucked really bad. 2 root canals. sweet, i know. so i've been on painkillers since tuesday which sucks royally. rented like 9 movies since them. yeah, i'm a movie whore: stand by me, camp, gia, the cockettes, cry baby, 24 hour party people, dazed and confused, igby goes down, and boys don't cry. yeah... & now i'm in ventura. just sort of sitting here. doing nothing. anyways i hope that everyone had a good thanksgiving. -peace
11/18/05 - one year anniversary with the love of my life

today, sorta - kinda - sucked. but that's aokay this week has been sorta shitty. this morning was really nice though. i loved getting woken up by neil! (so yes, i was kinda sleeping...sorta. in a way) Cinderella's Magical Talking Vanity!!! NO WAY. i would so be all up on that thing if i was a kid. mehhh haha. anyways, lets see. i got a new hairstraightener today. it's cool, haven't used it yet. will tomorrow night since i didn't get a phone call from omri's mom - therefore i'm soooo going out because i don't want to be in this house anymore. so YAY for going out. i got bored before and remade username thing. yeah. bleh! bored.... later- PEACE
awwww... i talked to omri [one of my old campers] a few hours ago, and he sounds sweet as ever. his mom called me for babysitting and when she asked him if he wanted to say hi he just started screaming GABBY!!! god damn, it was cute as hell. fun conversations with 6? year olds though. so yeah, his mom is going to call me back tomorrow and i think i'm gonna babysit on saturday- sweet. BUT my dad said i can go out on friday if i get work done before. tomorrow is a bank day. sucks. but i think i'm going to get some more skirts after school so thats cool. hmmm, what else is going on. after what seems like a million years of talkig about going out of state for college my parents (dad, really) decided that they want me to stay around here. bleh. well, now i'm looking at sfsu and it doesn't seem all that bad so mhmmm or maybe i'll go to lavc for 2 years and then transfer out. who the fuck knows haha! anyways, i miss neil:
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1-900-976-JUICE : Juice By Gabby!

well, well, well... hiya. i'm babysitting one of my campers tonight, should be a good time. don't know what i'm doing tomorrow. probably nothing, or maybe i'll get some new clothes or an outfit for natalie's concert sweet 16 thing. i had a pretty nice week at school except for some minor bumps along the way, but they're to be expected. but yeah, not a whole lot is going on. rented some movies last night, and of course already finished them and broke into my own stash. first time for- mallrats, donnie brasco, and the believer. millionth time for- the crow and romeo & juliet. speaking of which... new layout. school has been sorta lame, which is to be expected but NEIL & my other friends make it cool. i'm getting along with the parental units pretty well too, so thats nice. sandie's having a party tonight.. wish i could make it! anyways, i'm gonna scoot along now. i hope everyone's cool. -PEACE.
um, lets see... Happy Halloween... and what else. oh yeah. my mom thinks i got into like a massive fistfight or something. thats great. exuse me for being sore and whatever. i went to amoeba yesterday and got some bitchin cds- the adicts singles, a Best of SKA boxset, and a No Thanks! sampler... (hoping to borrow the whole thing from my neighbor sometime soon). i have a feeling that it's gonna be a long week but hey! i got neil =) ...also, i got some new comfy shoes. Saturday night was bitchin. hung out with the love of my life [♥NEIL♥]& jesse bevan. also managed to permanantly misplace 30 bucks but shit happens! i'm babysitting one of my campers this weekend and i'm really not completly on top of that. i'm gonna go over to the house on like wednesday to re-introduce myself and get comfortable with the house and stuff like that. his mother was making it seem like it would be a normal thing if she was happy with me on saturday soo woot. well, yeah. there was my 5 minute break from homework. hope everyones cool n shit
another week of school = over & my parent's said that i can go out tomorrow night... ;) today was a long-short day and i didn't get home till past 2:30. um... wow, i get signed off really soon. call me ? ♥

Let's Get Lost.

R.I.P - Elliott Smith
you're fucking brilliant.